Abuse Is Not Your Fault, It’s Theirs

Speak Until Someone Hears. Then You Can Let It Go

Photo by Mehran Hadad on Unsplash

“This is all your fault,” he declared.

One year olds are as impressionable as rising dough. I dreaded growing up. Every morning I wondered, why am I still here?

Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash

But the damage had been done. The abuse went much deeper than I realized.

When I was a child, a well-known rock group wrote an opera, based on the fictional story of a young boy who witnessed a violent murder and went into a catatonic state, becoming deaf, dumb and blind. His relatives abused and mocked him, something I could relate to. But, in the story, this young boy, Tommy, became famous for playing pinball. They called him a wizard, he was so good. The story behind The Who’s Tommy resonated to my bones.

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

Writer, editor, coach, occasional organist/cantor. You can find me at barbaracarsontodd.com or email barbara@barbaracarsontodd.com for infrequent updates.

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